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Save up to 50% on your postage

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Save up to 50% with our postage discounts

Postage is usually the largest expense in direct mailing, and Mailing Matters has access to a variety of postage discounts to reduce your postage as low as possible – sometimes up to 50%.

Our relationships with Royal Mail and downstream access providers such as Whistl, Secured Mail and Citipost Mail, gives us access to a variety of postal options and discounts.

If you are using standard stamps, or a franking machine, we will be able to save you money. An example client of ours regularly sends out 800-1,000 letters a week: we are saving him £2,731.08 every year.

If you’re using direct mail as a marketing method, it’s even more important to reduce your costs as much as possible to maximise your return on investment. Combine our reduced postage rates with other services such as Mailsort, and data cleansing: we can help your marketing budget go further.

Mail Sorting

We sort your mail, saving Royal Mail work, which results in a discount on postage. The discount usually far exceeds the small amount of time we charge for the mail sorting. Mailsort offers a variety of options, which we can help you understand.

Mail sorting


A revolution in mailing: Mailmark™ is a relatively new addition to Royal Mail’s postal system and allows businesses to achieve the lowest postage rates possible, and gain valuable information that helps you optimise your mailings and data.


What is downstream access?

We partner with some great downstream access providers who provide a similar service to Royal Mail, but at a discounted rate.

Collection and delivery times vary across providers, and numerous discounts are available.

Our downstream access partners

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