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Polywrapping is an impactful and cost-effective way to deliver your message. Your mailing piece can be seen through the packaging throughout its journey, but will be protected throughout, giving you maximum exposure right up to it landing on the doormat. As polywrapping is waterproof, your items wil be protected, arriving exactly the way it should.

Mailing Matters can polywrap items such as magazines, brochures, guides, and catalogues, and insert up to 6 additional items. Combined with our Personalisation service, we can hand-insert varying additional content, ideal for targeted marketing campaigns.

Polymailing is available in a variety of sizes including C5 and C4, much like a traditional envelope, but is cheaper to use and in postage due to material costs and reduced weight.

Once polywrapped, your items will be printed using our Inkjetter and prepared ready for collection.

Our polywrapping service

Various stock sizes

We can polywrap mailings of C5 to C4 size – sometimes larger depending on the item. Our warehouse can store bulkier items such as brochures, magazines and books.

Inserting & Finishing

We can insert 2-6 additional items, up to a maximum thickness of 10mm. We can hand-fulfil larger or unusual items. Polywrapping usually uses clear plastic, but we can source coloured polyethelyene in your corporate colours.


We can process up to 10,000 items per day (based on 3 inserts of A4 single page stock), and process most orders on the same day the stock is delivered to our factory.

Carrier sheets

We can print a carrier sheet in colour for an increased, professional finish or in black and white for a higher cost saving. This can further reinforce your brand identity whilst offering the delivery address.

Quality Control

The sequential record tracking system that we employ in our envelope mailings is carried over to our polywrap services to ensure that reprints are correctly adhered to ensuring that 100% of your mail goes out the door and hits your target audience.

Each and every item is checked to ensure that items are correctly sealed and contain the relevant carrier sheet, before bagging for collection by your chosen mail provider.

Our mailing partners

Postal discounts

Reduce the cost of your mailing further by having your polywrapped mailings sorted. For more information, see Mail Sorting.

Benefits of polywrapping:

  • Visual – your mailing is visible through the packaging
  • Various sizes & weights – we can accommodate a wide range of sizes, shapes and weights of mailings
  • Waterproof – unlike paper, Polywrap is waterproof, keeping your mailing protected from water damage and marks from machinery
  • Economical – polywrapping is a very cheap option due to the price of polyethylene.

Best uses of polywrapping:

  • For items that are too large or bulky for traditional envelopes
  • For direct mail marketing that needs to make an impact on delivery
  • For mailings that contain numerous pieces – polywrapping provides a relatively high degree of protection to keep items together
  • For regular mailings such as magazines
  • For items that require inserts – we can add 2-6 items into your item

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