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Personalisation for Direct Mail

Direct Mail Personalisation

Increase impact and response rates by personalising and customising your products and direct mail. Personally addressed mail has a higher opening and response rate – meaning a higher return on your investment and happier recipients.

From printing personal information directly onto your mail items to individually collated mailings, Mailing Matters can help your direct mail stand out and capture the attention of your recipients.

Our range of inkjet and laser printers enable us to print custom content such as names, addresses, logos, membership numbers, and custom imagery directly onto your mailing item or postcard, or on the enclosing envelope, packaging or polythene.

We can then insert additional information and enclose your mailings, by hand or machine, and get them packed, bundled or bagged, ready for collection. We can handle the entire process for you, from start to finish.

Why should you personalise your mail?

Personalised mail has benefits when communicating with existing and potential customers. In direct mail marketing, personalisation can vastly improve your response rates and create the right first impression. Existing customers will feel valued and appreciate mailing that is personalised for them.

Personalisation goes beyond a name and address. You can acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries or other upcoming events that are important to your customers. You can use your customer data to include information that is relevant to your customers (and exclude information that isn’t), which builds trust and loyalty and provides a more positive customer experience of your company.

Direct mail is a great way to keep in touch with your customers. By utilising personalisation you can realise increased response rates, maximise your return on investment, and positively reinforce your brand.

Mailing Matters says:

It’s estimated that 41% of people throw away post that isn’t addressed to them. Personalisation therefore almost doubles the likelihood that your mailing will be opened.

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