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Mailsort covers a range of discounts available from Royal Mail and other postal carriers for doing some of the work on their behalf – otherwise known as ‘work sharing’. The discounts far outweigh our nominal charges for mail sorting, and so if you meet the criteria, Mailsort is a sure fire way of reducing your postage costs.

Discounts vary from job to job and depends on the size, weight, delivery time (1st, 2nd or economy class postage) and even the content of the items being sent are taken in to account. For example, newsletters are classed as business mail whereas catalogues or flyers are classed as advertising mail, which Royal Mail differentiates with different postal costs.


Mailsort is a bulk-mailing discount and minimum quantities apply:

DL/C5 (Royal Mail class “letter”): minimum of 4,000 items
C4 (Royal Mail class “large letter”): minimum of 1,000 items

If you’re sending mailings of this size or larger, we could be able to save you up to 40% on your postage costs.


Mailsort gives mailing houses like us many options to choose from to give you the best possible price and required level of service for your mailer. We know how to achieve the best discounts and will advise on more than postage to keep your costs down.

Mailing Matters says:

The majority of mailings reduce in number after data cleaning, so bear this in mind when compiling your mailing lists for distribution.

Typical postage saving examples

Example 1

Mailshot of 4,500 “letters” (DL or C5):

Standard stamp rate: £1,755. Mailing Matters price*: £1,558.53.

£196.47 saving

Example 2

Mailshot of 1,500 “large letters” (DL or C5):

Standard stamp rate: £975. Mailing Matters price*: £680.44.

£294.56 saving

*Price includes our Mailsort service, bagging and tagging.

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