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Mailmark™ is the result of a £70m investment by Royal Mail and is hailed as ‘the future of mail.’  Mailmark™ is about more than paying the lowest rates possible for your mail: it offers an unparalleled level of tracking, reporting and analysis.

Mailing Matters is a Mailmark™ enabled Mailing House which is an approval by Royal Mail. If your business sends bulk mail, contact us today to see how Mailmark™ can transform your business mail.

Mailmark™ – access to the lowest postage rates available

Mailmark™ is targeted at the majority of machine-readable letter and large letter mailings and can be used for business, advertising and publishing mail.

By adding a simple barcode to your mail, Mailmark™ will enable you to track your mail throughout its journey, and view information such as predicted delivery date and time, the volume of mail you are distributing, and how it is performing. This is all provided online via your own personal dashboard via us or directly with Royal Mail.

This level of reporting is a revolution in mailing and will enable businesses to improve their data, saving thousands of pounds and maximising return on investment. The ability of knowing exactly when mailings are delivered allows businesses to allocate relevant resources as required.

To find out how much your business could save and gain using Mailmark™ call us on 0161 660 4686 or request a quote online.

How Mailmark™ works

1. Barcode

As part of our mail fulfilment process, a simple barcode will be added to your letters and large letters.

2. Technology

Royal Mail sorting machines read the barcode and generate highly detailed mail data that is available to you at all times and throughout the mailing round.

3. Reporting

Royal Mail provides FREE analytics reporting on volume, predicted delivery and performance allowing you to make changes and fix errors that will save your business thousands.

How your business could benefit from Mailmark™

1. Know when your mail is likely to land

From 10am the day after your mail is received by Royal Mail, you’ll be able to see what mail is due to be delivered that day and where. This allows you to plan any follow-up customer contact, which is especially useful when using Personalisation or direct mail marketing that is time sensitive, and for businesses that use call centres.

2. Have confidence that your mail has reached its destination

The Mailmark™ barcode on your mail is scanned at each stage of the delivery process, providing you with an auditable trail and confirmation that it has reached its target. Missing or undelivered items will be known to you, allowing you to react accordingly.

3. Enhanced customer data & reduced waste

The quaity of your mailing list is paramount to the effectiveness of your direct mail. The error reporting will allow business to keep their data increasingly clean which reduces waste and improves ROI.

4. A new level of information sophistication

The Mailmark™ barcode allows us to add additional data, such as campaign or returns information, reference codes or detailed tracking information to give you greater visibility and insights.

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