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Mail fulfilment covers all the steps required in getting your direct mailing ready for collection. From handling business mail to hand-picked selection boxes, we have the team and equipment to fulfil your mailings on time, on budget, and to our own exacting standards.

Mailing Matters is a mailing house based in Manchester that can take your mailing fulfilment out of your hands saving you time, and effort, and usually at a significant cost saving.

We can handle various weight paper and card stocks from A6 to A3, including gloss, silk and matt finishes. We can accomodate unconventional marketing materials such as square or custom-sized envelopes. Our warehouse can store large volumes of stock, with pallet and fork-lift trucks for all pallet sizes.

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Our machines allow us to automate the folding process, for a fast turnaround, able to accomodate various folding positions, stock sizes, and thicknesses. We also have the team to hand-fold letters or collated sets if required.

Inserting & Enclosing

Our machines are capable of inserting additional items into your mailing and enclosing the items in the envelope or packaging of your choosing. For mailings that need a special or personal touch, we can hand-insert and enclose, accomodating custom-selected items, matched to your data.



We can handle mailings that require bubble envelopes, bubble wrap, or customised packaging of your choosing. Ideal for box supplies, samples and unusual items. We can also add your logo to the packaging.

Data cleansing

The quality of your data can make all the difference to your mailing. We provide de-duplication, PAF correction, and data via our data brokerage partners.

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We can print personal information from your data onto onto letters, custom mailings, envelopes and polywrap, using our laser and inkjet printers. Personalisation increases the success rate of your direct mail.

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International Mail

Mailing Matters can handle your international mail, including letters and parcels. Cost savings are available via our mailing partners and downstream access providers.

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Our family of laser, injket and risograph printers enable us to provide a wide range of printed materials such as letterheads, customised envelopes, and carrier sheets.

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