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Data Services for Direct Mailing

Good quality customer information is vital to the success of your direct mailing, and Mailing Matters provides a range of data processing services to make your data add increasing value to your business.

We can ensure your data is clean and that duplicates are removed to further reduce the costs of your mailing. We can even validate postcodes if that’s what you need: at the end of the day, a message can only be read once it’s been delivered if not, it’s not much of a message!

Once your data is prepared we will process the required stock of your choosing or as supplied.

Benefits of data management

In any mailing list, there will be a degree of entries that would be wasteful to include. Over the years we have removed hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of defunct or non-applicable records from client databases, saving time, money and no doubt some awkward conversations with their client base! 

These entries include people who have moved house, opted in to not receive direct mailing, have passed away or are duplicated (de-duplification).

The reduction of wasteful addressees will reduce your postage costs, which can be further reduced by using Mailsort.

Data Protection

We are ICO accredited: our registration reference is Z3301536.

Multiple Formats

We can work with data in any of the following formats:

Fixed Length Text (.TXT / .CSV / .TAB / .ASC / .PRN)
Dbase (.DBF)
Excel (.XLS and .XLSX)
Access (.ACCDB / .MDB / .MDE / .MDW / .MDA)

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