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Direct Mail & why you should still be using it

Direct Mail is one of the longest-standing forms of contacting people. Modern-day methods of email and digital marketing sometimes overshadow traditional direct mail, but it is still a valuable and cost-effective way to reach your customers.

Developments in printing methods, materials, and data management means that your direct mail can pack more of a punch. Also, direct mail puts something tangible into the hands of your customers, which is something that happens less and less in this digital age.

Mailing Matters is a well-established, family-run mailing house, offering the full range of mail services.

Whether you’re a small business considering direct mail marketing, or a company sending thousands of letters a week, we can look after you.

Benefits of Direct Mail


Direct mail places your message right into the hands of your recipient. Personalisation allows you to tailor your message for different audiences.

Build trust

Research shows the direct mail is considered the most trustworthy and authoritive method of being contacted.


Most of us are immune to emails and adverts. Direct mail is a tangible item, which if designed and presented correctly, becomes something that’s noticed.

Mailing Matters says:

In a digital age where almost everything is marketed online, now is a better time than ever to use direct mail – putting your message directly into the hands of your customers.

Mailing Matters – your direct mail partner

Our main goal is to deliver your message at the lowest prices possible while maintaining the highest quality standards.

There are many elements and stages involved in a mailshot campaign, with choices at each step that can be optimised for your particular campaign or business needs.

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We advise and save you money in the following ways:

  1. By providing advice on paper size, envelope size and weight
  2. By using the most cost-effective paper stock
  3. By cleansing and processing your data
  4. By achieving the best postage rates for you using our relationships with Royal Mail and downstream access providers
  5. By managing the whole fulfilment process, saving you time

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